FBench Project

Open Tool for IEC 61499 Function Block Engineering

FBench Project is ongoing development of an open-source graphical software tool for embedded automation components and systems based on the IEC61499 standard. The project originates in the OOONEIDA Workbench pioneered by 'the function block Guru' Dr. James Christensen in 2005.

You can download and start familiarizing yourself with the current code baseUse of this software is under the provisions of Common Public License (CPL). Soon we will establish web repository for common development.

Some facts about FBench:

- FBench uses XSL Tables to convert function blocks to Java classes
- The generated code model is compatible with FBRT
- FBench is a stand-alone tool but allows easy adding new features via plug-ins
- The Project environment simplifies porting of function block systems


Latest News:

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